The safest mini-bulk containers for bioprocessing?


PharmaTainer™ Brand:

The safest mini-bulk containers for bioprocessing?

PharmaTrainer Containers

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Here is why PharmaTainer products are the safe choice.

  • Certified sterile, meets USP <788> and negative for endotoxin. 

  • A new molding facility dedicated to molding clean, sterile products to biomanufacturing standards.
    • ISBM state-of-the-art molding equipment for containers from 125mL to 20L, see ebm vs. isbm.*
    • Class 100 molding environment. 

  • Better Design
    • High uniformity, especially precision necks.
    • Leakproof, double seal closure system.
    • On-bottle labeling with lot no. serial no. and machine readable code on every bottle. 

  • Detailed documentation to support your validation. See PharmaTainer Validation Information.* 

  • -80°C Performance tested, see -80°C Seal Integrity Test and -80°C Carboy Drop Test.*

Reduce Risk

Our biggest competitor is still working to specifications developed 20 years ago. PharmaTainer products provide secure containment, compliance AND consistent quality.

*Cited articles may be downloaded here.

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