Applying torque to PharmaTainer bottle

PharmaTainer™ Torque Fittings

Torque fittings for PharmaTainer™ Bottles and Carboys allow application of calibrated torque to achieve recommended force required to engage the secondary rim seal of PharmaTainer double-seal closures.

  • 48mm sizes fits PhamaTainer Bottles from 125mL to 2 liters
  • 70mm sizes fits 5, 10 and 20 liter carboys
  • All sizes accept 1/4 inch dri
  • Autoclavable

Top view Torque Fitting 300pxStandard torque fittings for PharmaTainer™ Bottles and Carboys are molded from polycarbonate and have a metal inset to accept a 1/4 inch drive torque wrench. The fittings feature a crossbar for easy hand operation; especially handy when removing caps. .

Open-Top Torque Fittings

48mm open top Torque fittin_400Open Torque Fittings are intended to apply torque to tubing assemblies that already have tubing attached to the top ports of a PharmaTainer Ported Closure.All metal fittings are built for 1/4 inch drive torque wrenches.

Open-Top Torque Fittings are not stocked in our inventory, inquire for availability.