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PharmaTainer PC Bottles & Carboys

PharmaTainer™ bottles and carboys meet today’s requirements for safe, rigid, disposable containers for biomanufacturing storage and transport.

See additional features and benefits that apply to all PharmaTainer containers at PharmaTainer General Information. Features specific to polycarbonate containers are listed below.

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PharmaTainer Bioprocess PC Container Features

Features & Benefits

  • Lexan® HPS series PC:
    • High clarity, gamma stable, broad temperature tolerance.
    • Tests (by SABIC) USP 26 / NF21, <661> Containers physico-chemical tests and <88> Class VI Biological Test for Plastics.
    • Container no animal derived products.
  • Container tests (post-sterilization):
    • Container and closure tested by independent laboratories: USP 37 / NSF 29, <88> Biological Reactivity, in vivo and <87> Biological Reactivity, in vitro (MEM), ISO 10993-4 indirect Hemolysis, Leachables in WFI and in 20% ethanol in WFI.
    • Certified negative for endotoxin testing.
    • Certified to meet USP <788> Particulate Matter in Injections.
    • Double-seal closure system; seal integrity tested.
    • Seal integrity during freeze/thaw from ambient to -80°C and back to ambient.
    • Drop tests at -80°C.
    • Sterile SAL 10-6.
  • Other Features
    • On-bottle tracability by lot & serial number.
    • Graduations ±1% in black.
    • Vacuum-pack provides proof of package integrity and sterility at point of use.
  • Validation CD: a compilation of test reports, data sheets, drawings and other information to support the use of PharmaTainer products. This information is free, but is only provided under a non-disclosure agreement.

LEXAN is a trademark of SABIC (Saudi Basic Industries Corporation).

PharmaTainer is a trademark of Cellon SA