20L PC PharmaTainer Carboy

20L PC Carboy #220000-01 – 2 pcs


Sterile 20L PC carboys and unlined HDPE closures, designed for single-use, bioprocess applications such as collection, freezing, storage and transport of bulk vaccines, biopharmaceuticals, other biologics, culture media etc.

  • Medical grade polycarbonate, radiation stabilized.
  • Certified below USP 788 standard for particulate.
  • Precision-formed necks and double-seal HDPE closure system provides reliable, repeatable sealing.
  • Ultra-clean, molded & capped in ISO Class 5 environment.
  • Eliminates cleaning & concerns about carryover.
  • Graduations & traceability information printed on bottle.
  • Pass USP-VI, in vitro cytotoxicity & endotoxin tests.


PharmaTainer  20L PC Carboy, Cat. # 2200000-05

nominal values
rated capacity 20, 0000mL
brim capacity 22, 800mL
neck I.D. 54mm
bottle weight 9804g
cap weight 23g
closure size 70mm
graduations 2000-20,000mL
height w/o cap 500mm
base L x W 256 x 256mm
bottles/inner pack 1
bottles/carton 2


description material
level 4 carton 4mm corrugate, w/ top & base protection sheets
level 3 carton liner 50µ LDPE monolayer film, tape sealed bag
level 2 heat sealed bag 100µ LDPE monolayer film
level 1 vacuum pack 120µ PE/PA/PE multilayer film
carton weight 14.1 lbs.
carton dimensions 14.1 x 21.6 x 17.6 inches