Biofluid Focus Inc.was founded in 2011 and specializes in supplying single-use containers and accessories for pharmaceutical and biotech industries. The products offered reduce operating costs by:

  1. eliminating loss due to container failure,
  2. providing extended shelf life and
  3. eliminating or reducing the need for in-house container processing.

Our featured line of PharmaTainer rigid bioprocess containers is manufactured by Cellon SA in Luxembourg. Biofluid Focus is their master distributor for North America.


Jon West became involved with single-use containers in the 1990s with the introduction of the Biotainer™ range of products which were subsequently acquired by Nalge Nunc, now ThermoFiser. Cellon SA was the exclusive distributor of Biotainer products in Europe from the mid-90s until the line was acquired by ThermoFisher (2003).

Knowing the problems that arise in industry when containers don’t meet physical and documentation requirements and that Biotainer quality did not keep pace with industry standard, Cellon developed the PharmaTainer product range.The PharmaTainer plant was built in 2011 and outfitted with state-of-the art molding machines in order to produce and control product uniformity and cleanliness.

Mr. West consulted during the development process and obtained distribution rights for Biofluid Focus based on his experience in this area.

Jon West, President and Founder Biofluid FocusPrior to focusing on containers, Jon was involved in marketing and development of biochemicals, and plastic labware for cell culture and bacteriology

Dale West, Partner and AdministratorDale doesn’t quite get the fascination with bottles but she knows service. Dale has experience as an office administrator in service organizations.

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