PharmaTainer Sealing and Torque

Know Your Bioprocess Container is Sealed Tight!

Know Your PharmaTainer Bioprocess Container at Biofluid Focus
Applying torque with pre-set torque wrench.

Torque values

Torque wrenches

Wrench calibration

As readers will know, closure seal is an important consideration for a bioprocess container in the pharmaceutical arena. This is an area where PharmaTainers excel, but only if used properly.

The first seal of the double-seal closure (insert link) is easily engaged by hand. While convenient, one is not assured of a complete leak-free seal because the force applied is unknown. Applying the correct amount of torque assures engagement of the second seal and one can be confident that the container is securely sealed.

Recommended Torque

The manufacturer recommends different torque values for ambient/refrigerated and freezing applications.

Minimum Suggested Maximum
Non-Freezing Applications 4 Nm

(36 in-lb)

5 Nm

(44 in-lb)

10 Nm

(88 in-lb)

Freezing Applications 7 Nm

(62 in-lb)

8 Nm

(71 in-lb)

10 Nm

(88 in-lb)

Know Your PharmaTainer Bioprocess Container at Biofluid Focus
PharmaTainer torque fittings, polycarbonate

Note: Cellon used 8Nm of torque in their sealing tests because more force is required in cryogenic freezing applications compensate for differences in shrink values between cap and bottle materials. It is okay to use 8Nm for all applications, but it will make removing the cap later more difficult. If the application does not involve freezing our suggested values should be fine and the caps will be easier to remove.  Using the PharmaTainer torque adapter (without a wrench) also makes removing caps much easier.

Torque Wrenches

In the past we have recommended dial indicator torque wrenches because they offered the

Know Your PharmaTainer Bioprocess Container at Biofluid Focus
Seakonk Preset Torque Wrench

flexibility of use over a range of torque values. However, we have learned that some dial indicator wrenches do not hold calibration well. Therefore we now recommend pre-set wrenches like the Seekonk LT-R ¼. This is an ‘L-handle’ type wrench that can be set by the manufacturer within the range of 3.3 to 11.3Nm.

  • ¼” drive fits PharmaTainer torque fittings.
  • Customer must specify torque right or left {choose right (clock-wise) for cap sealing}
  • Choose preset value from 3.3 to 11.3Nm (30-100 in-lbs). Tools are set at the factory within 2 days of order.
  • Tool will ratchet when turned in the opposite direction (no force applied).
  • The tool will begin to ‘slip’ at the set torque value to prevent applying greater force.
  • Manufacturer suggests that under normal use, yearly calibration is sufficient, but only warrants the tool to hold spec for 90 days.
  • Standard accuracy +/- 4%.
  • Shipped with NIST certificate of calibration.
  • Length: 7 inches; Weight: 14 ounces
  • Manufactured under ISO 9001 quality system.

Seekonk Warranty:
Tools are guaranteed for ninety days with a limited parts and labor warranty. This warranty is void if in the judgement of Seekonk Manufacturing, a tool has been altered or abused. Calibration guaranteed for ninety days. Within that time if it is suspected that the tool is out of specification, we will re-calibrate at no charge. One year manufacturing warranty for tools requiring repair due to manufacturing defect.


Based on the warranty statement, some users will choose to have the tools re-calibrated every 90 days. It might be wise to have two wrenches so that one is on-hand while the other is being calibrated. One can purchase devices to check calibration on site; either analog and digital with in the range of $300-$1200.

Several companies offer torque calibration services. One should expect:

  • ISO/IEC 17025 accredited
  • A certificate of calibration
  • Fast turn-around (2-4 days)
  • Both calibration and repair service

Some companies offer

  • Mobile service, they come to you
  • Sales of torque equipment
  • Regional lab locations

Here are just three of many that can service torque wrenches.

Maxpro Corporation
Phone: 215-293-0800or 888-315-0175
Team Torque Inc.

Main: 1-888-682-8675

Direct: 1-701-354-7698



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