Ported Caps for Easy Fluid Distribution

Ported Caps for Easy Fluid Distribution

When working with PharmaTainer carboys and bottles, ported closures make creating filling, dispensing, and sampling systems easy. Depending on your specific needs, these closures are available in two sizes, 48 mm and 70 mm, with two, three, or four ports for maximum versatility and customization. Other benefits of PharmaTainer™ ported closures include:

  • Medical grade polypropylene material tested for biocompatibility.
  • Single-piece injection-molded construction for a tight seal with bottles and carboys.
  • Autoclave and radiation stable for flexible sterilization (closures are shipped non-sterile).
  • Compatible with Octopus™ Tubing Assemblies from Cellon SA.

Visit biofluidfocus.com for more information about PharmaTainer™ bottles, carboys, and closures, as well as other biotech supplies.

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