A PharmaTainer™ Bottle’s Most Helpful Features

A PharmaTainer Bottle’s Most Helpful Features - Blog at  Biofluid Focus

In the biotech world, there are a lot of reasons to choose single-use bottles and carboys, like PharmaTainer. But not all plastic bottles are as well suited to biotech as PharmaTainer™ bottles, which have been specifically manufactured for this purpose. Here are some of the most helpful features of PharmaTainer™ bottles and carboys:

  • Double seal closure system to provide a leakproof seal
  • Wide variety of ported caps available to use with tubing systems
  • Serial numbers, batch numbers, and machine-readable matrices on every bottle offer precise traceability
  • Injection molded neck, free of imperfections, to provide a smooth, drip-free pour
  • Clean manufacturing conditions and post-processing sterilization to endure a product free from contaminants and endotoxins.

Check out our literature for more detailed information, and visit BiofluidFocus.com to purchase biotech supplies today.

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