Common Laboratory Contamination and How to Prevent It

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Laboratory Contamination

Modern laboratories are busy environments that are shared by many researchers so it is easy to understand how easy it is for contamination to occur. That does not mean that Lab Container cannot be prevented from contamination.

How to Prevent Contamination in the Lab

Basic laboratory procedures include measures to reduce the risk of contamination. They include; wearing a clean lab coat, washing hands, and properly cleaning tools and other equipment. It is best to go beyond these steps to ensure contamination is avoided.

For instance, organize the lab so that all research has a designated area and only essential personnel should have access to the lab.

Tap water and the HVAC system can contaminate sterile areas as well. Keep cultures and other experiments away from sinks to avoid backsplash. Do not place incubators below AC vents.

Do not forget that material can also cause contamination. Washing your containers thoroughly is a must. It is best to use containers that seal tightly and are biocompatible which is what biofluidfocus offers our customers.

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