PharmaTainer Carboy Drop Tests at -80˚C

Drop test of 20L PC PharmaTainer Carboy from 1.1 meters.

Drop testing of the 10 and 20 liter PC PharmaTainer™ carboys demonstrate the container’s integrity when dropped at -80°C. Tests were performed in accordance to ASTM D4169 Standard Practice for Performance Testing of Shipping Containers and Systems  and D880 Standard Test Method for Impact Testing for Shipping Containers and Systems, with frozen containers.

  1. Multiples of each size of irradiated PC carboys from a single lots were selected.
    freezer temp sq
    Frozen Carboys sq
  2. Carboys were filled with 10 or 20 liters (nominal maximum volume) with tap water and sealed to the recommended torque of 8Nm for cryogenic applications. Net weight of the filled carboys was approximately 10.7 kg and 20.7 kg .
  3. Carboys were put in an ultra-low deep freezer at -80°C and stored for 2 days until the carboys stabilized at -80°C.
  4. Subsequently, all 5 carboys were dropped from a height of 533mm (21in.) onto a flat concrete surface;
    • from its base;
    • from one of its four sides;
    • from its closure.
    • 533mm height provides assurance level 1 for this container weight.
  1. Subsequently, carboys  were dropped from a height of 11OOmm (43in.) on to a flat concrete surface;
    • from its base;
    • from one of its four sides;
    • from its closure.
  1. Failure is defined as a visually detectable leak after test. The containers were allowed to thaw in order to check for leaks.
All tested containers passed at both heights. There were some minor scratches but no loss of integrity.


Examples of scuffing after drop test
Thumb Carboy Scuffing Thumb Close-up 20L scuff Thumb Close-up 20L scuff 2
Drop Test Method for PharmaTainers, Celon SA, Oct. 29, 2013

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