New Purillex® FEP Bottles Debut at BPI Conference

Sterile Bottles - New Purillex FEP Bottles at BioFluid Focus
Purillex GL 45 bottle neck

We were pleased to show the new sterile bottles,  Purillex FEP Bottles by Savillex at the 2012 Bioprocess International Conference October 9th.

The new bottles bring the advantages of injection stretch blow molding to FEP bottles for the first time. This means biotech users of FEP bottles can upgrade to a more highly uniform product than previously available in the industry. (See EBM vs. ISBM: For Bottles)

Key features of Purillex FEP Bottles:

  • Precision injection molded neck, no flash, no variability, consistent sealing.
  • Closure is also FEP, not a different material as in some other brands.
  • Smoother internal surfaces, better pouring and recovery.
  • USP VI certified.
  • Molded in controlled environment.
  • Sizes: 100ml, 250ml, 500ml, 1L and 2L.

FEP shares may properties common to other fluoropolymers including strength, chemical resistance, very low extractables/leachables and a wide operating range (-200°C to +200°C).

The new FEP bottles are slightly more translucent than the Purillex PFA bottles. We believe these bottles in either material are the best available today in overall quality.

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