PFA Bottles for Biotech

Sx_3_bottle_groupPerfluoroalkoxy (PFA) is well-known for purity, having very low extractable materials, as well as for its toughness and wide temperature tolerance.

Purillex™ PFA sterile bottles are the only injection stretch blow molded PFA bottles available today. This molding process is important to you for three reasons:

  • Bottle necks are precision molded allowing superior design, reproducibility and overall quality for consistent sealing.
  • Bottle interior surfaces are much smoother than other PFA/FEP bottles, reducing questions about retained material.
  • Bottles are more uniform in wall thickness and weight.

PFA sterile bottles are available in sizes from 100mL to 2 liters with GL45 PFA closures.

Savillex Corporation manufactures these bottles in a controlled, low-particulate environment. Several sizes of PFA vials are also available for stability studies.

PFA products may be sterilized in an autoclave. The plastic may tolerate low levels of irradiation, but will have some chain scission at higher levels commonly used for sterilization.1

Detailed information about Purillex PFA and FEP bottles can be found at


1 Zhong, Xiaoguang et al. (1998)“The radiation stability of perfluoroalkoxy resin”; Polymer Degradation and Stability, Jan. 40 (1), pg. 115-116

Purillex is a trademark of the Savillex Corporation, Eden Prairie, MN

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